Album/EP Showcase

Get Greater Impact And Reach For Your Latest Music Project

Deliver your Album/EP music plus music videos, stories, and merchandise in a dedicated promotional website to generate more sales. Get a better return on investment for your studio and agency expenses.

With a click of a button, you can distribute your album, its videos, and promotional content to thousands of people, in one nice package. The music tracks on the Album/EP Showcase website are setup for instant purchase or monetized streaming.

Marketing your Album/EP doesn’t end with the CD release and launch party. The Album/SP Showcase website promotes your music continuously, and motivates people to buy and stream your music.

The Price

Website development:  Starting at $199
Ongoing professional website hosting:  $99/year


Let’s Get Started

Step up your promotional effort with an Album/EP Showcase website. We’ll get it online in about a week.

What’s Included:

  • A dedicated Brand Advisor to walk you through the process.
  • Responsive website design for phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Social media integration to distribute your Album/EP.
  • Links to your social media and back to your primary website.
  • Sampling, streaming, and purchase links for your music.
  • Import of your CD artwork and CD insert information.
  • Include your music videos.
  • Embedded graphics and links to your fan merchandise store.


Checklist of items to get started

  • Music recordings uploaded to online music stores (iTunes, Amazon) and streaming locations (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Bandcamp, Reverbnation). Provide the list of the music services you are using.
  • Album artwork in electronic form – contains electronic artwork, album title, artist/band name, song listing, contributors, credits, copyright info, etc.
  • Photos – pictures from the recording studio create a nice view of the making of the album, to go with the album’s backstory. Other high quality pictures of the primary members of the music performers, in your favorite setting or a setting related to the album theme.
  • Music titles and lyrics in text format.
  • Album Backstory – If you were being interviewed and were asked what inspired (or motivated) you to release this album, what would be your answer?
  • Songwriter’s notes (optional) – What was your inspiration, or the story behind each or some of the songs, from your perspective as the songwriter. This would be the story you would share when introducing the song to an audience.
  • Music videos (optional) – have you created any music videos or lyric videos for this album/CD release? Provide the YouTube location for the video(s).
  • A simple, personal message to your fans (optional and recommended!) – Create a YouTube video greeting your fans and introducing your new album. Or a YouTube video showing the behind the scenes effort in the studio. Or both! Provide the YouTube location for the video.
  • Do you sell merchandise related to your music? Provide a link to the store such as CafePress for your logo merchandise.
  • The web address for your primary website.
  • Social Media – List of social media contact info that you’d like to have on your Album/EP Showcase website, for people to easily connect with you. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
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